Realistic people are independent, stable, persistent, genuine and practical. They prefer dealing with the tangible rather than people or ideas and you will most likely find them operating machinery, working with their hands and relishing the outdoors. They also like to work with tools and various types of equipment.

Careers suited to the Realistic Personality

Aeronautical Engineer

A person who works with aircraft and spacecraft is called an Aeronautical Engineer

Agricultural Engineer

This person designs agricultural machinery and equipment and agricultural buildings.

Air Plane Pilot

This person is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight

Air Traffic Controller

This person co-ordinates the movement of air traffic to make sure that planes stay a safe distance apart.

Aircraft Mechanic

A person who is skilled in repairing aircraft and in preventive maintenance of aircraft.

Airplane Inspector

This person inspects and examines the parts of an airplane to make sure repairs are properly done and that the aircraft is airworthy

Ambulance driver

This person drives a vehicle that is equipped to carry sick or wounded people

Animal Breeder

An animal breeder selects and breeds animals including cattle, sheep, dogs, cats and birds

Animal trainer

This person trains animals that work for, entertain or serve us.

Appliance Technician

This person repairs consumer appliance products


A person who designs and supervises the construction of buildings or other large structures.

Automobile Mechanic

A person who is skilled in repairing and maintaining cars.

Avionics Technician

A person who is trained to maintain and repair the electronic equipment in an aircraft


Someone who bakes as an occupation


A person who is skilled in making blocks


A person skilled in building with bricks

Building Inspector

This person examines buildings to check on the quality of the structure and general safety of the building.

Bus Driver

A person who drives a bus


A craftsman who specializes in making fine articles of wooden furniture

Cable-Television Technician

This person installs, services and repairs cable-wiring and related equipment in buildings and houses

Car Repair Body Man

He specializes in repairing the body of cars that have been damaged


A person whose occupation is constructing, finishing and repairing wooden objects and structures


A cook; especially the chief cook of a large kitchen staff

Chemical Engineer

This person applies principles of chemistry to solve problems that involve the production or use of chemicals and biochemicals.

Civil Engineer

A civil engineer is trained in the design, construction and maintenance of roads, railways, structures, water supply, irrigation and traffic control.

Commercial Drafter

He/she makes detailed drawings of buildings or machinery working from sketches provided by an engineer


A person who prepares food for a living

Craft manufacturer

A person who makes all kinds of craft such as necklaces, badges, commemorative emblems etc.

Dental Lab. Technician

This person is trained to fill prescriptions for dentists who may require bridges and dentures for their patients.


This person solves crimes. He/she may be a member of a police agency or work as a private person.

Diesel Mechanic

This person repairs and maintains the diesel engines that heavy vehicles use.

Dietetic Technician

This person assists dieticians in planning nutrition services and programmes for institutions and industry.

Diver/Scuba Instructor

A person who trains non-divers in the sport of scuba diving

Dog groomer

This person is trained to clean, bathe, trim the dog?s hair and cut its nails.

Electric Line Repairer

This person works outdoors to repair power lines, telecommunications and cable television lines

Electric power plant operator

This person controls, operates and maintains machinery to generate electric power

Electrical Engineer

This person deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

Electrical technician

An electrical technician assembles installs and maintains electrical systems in houses, factories and commercial buildings.


A person who specializes in the electrical wiring of buildings

Electronics Technician

This person helps to design, develop, test and make electronic equipment.

Elevator Repairer

A person who repairs elevators

Farm Manager

This is someone who is paid a salary to manage a farm or a group of farms.


A farmer is a self-employed person who raises livestockand/or cultivates or produces crops, fruit and vegetables on land

Fire Chief

This person is the head of a government department whose job is to prevent and put out fires

Fire Fighter

A person who is trained and equipped to put out fires, rescue people and give emergency medical help if it is needed.

Fire Inspector

A person who inspects buildings and equipment to find things that could cause a fire and make sure government regulations are being followed.

Fish Farm Manager

A fish farm manager is employed to breed and rear fish for the market


A fisherman is a self-employed person who catches fish to sell to individuals or to shops and markets

Flight Instructor

A person who trains people to fly an aircraft

Flooring Specialist

A person who is trained and experienced in fitting all types of flooring e.g. wood, tiles etc.

Forest Officer

A forest officer manages forests or woodlands used to produce timber or used for conservation or recreation.

Garment Inspector

He/she inspects garments before they leave the factory to make sure they are satisfactory for buyers

Glazier (Glass installer)

Someone who cuts and fits window glass.

Heavy duty equipment mechanic

This person maintains, repairs and overhauls heavy duty equipment used in farming, transportation, construction etc.

Helicopter Pilot

A person who is licensed to operate a helicopter in flight

Horse Trainer

A horse trainer supervises the training of horses for racing

Industrial Engineering Technician

This person assists engineers and scientists especially in the areas of research and development. This technician uses principles of science, engineering and mathematics to solve technical problems.


A person who designs, makes, sells, or repairs jewelry, watches etc.

Land Surveyor

Land surveyors establish official land, airspace and water boundaries. They write descriptions of land for deeds, leases, and other legal documents; define airspace for airports; and take measurements of construction and mineral sites.

Landscape Architect

Works on all types of external space, enclosed or unenclosed, which is open to the public to make it more attractive.


This is a person who plants trees/shrubs/flowers and decorates the grounds especially at or around a building site.

Laser Technician

This person assembles tests and integrates laser systems according to customer specifications.


An expert swimmer who is trained and employed to safeguard swimmers and bathers


A person who makes and repairs locks

Locomotive Engineer

Someone who operates the engine that pulls or pushes the cars on a railway


A person who makes, operates and repairs machines

Marine Surveyor

This person examines new and used boats to determine their condition and value. Also surveys cargo, docks, machinery, wharves, marinas and equipment related to the marine industry.


A person who builds or works with stone or brick

Master or Ship Captain

The officer who is in charge of a ship

Meat Cutter

Someone who cuts and prepares standard cuts of meat, poultry and fish for sale

Mechanical Engineer

This person uses the principles of heat, force, and energy to contribute to the design of things, systems, equipment and appliances.

Minibus Owner/Operator

A person who owns and/or drives a small bus used for transporting people for a fare

Narcotics Investigator

This person investigates and arrests persons who are suspected to be illegally selling or using narcotic drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

Nuclear Engineer

This person conducts research on nuclear energy problems and develops the processes and systems used to get benefits from nuclear energy and radiation.

Nursery Manager/Owner

A person who manages or owns the place where plants are grown for sale, transplanting or experimentation

Offset Press Operator

Someone who operates an offset printing press to print copy from plates


A person who makes or sells lenses and eyeglasses

Orthodontic Technician

Someone who constructs and repairs appliances for straightening teeth


A workman who paints buildings for a living

Pastry Chef

A cook who specializes in baked foods such as pies and tarts

Piano Tuner

A person who can repair and tune a piano

Pipe Organ Installer

A person who fits and assembles the parts of a pipe organ so that it can be used


A workman who installs and repairs pipes and plumbing.

Police Officer

A police officer works for the Police Force and enforces the laws of the country. The officer is expected to keep the peace, patrol areas and investigate people who break the law.

Pollution Control Technician

He/she makes routine inspection of waste disposal systems and reports potential and existing pollution hazards.

Pollution-Control Engineer

This person is involved in water and air pollution control, recycling, waste disposal and issues that affect public health.

Radio/TV Transmitter Operator

Operates and maintains radio transmitter to broadcast radio and television programmes

Recording engineer

A person who operates and maintains sound recording equipment

Refrigerating Engineer

Someone who operates refrigerating equipment that provides ice or cools the rooms in ice cream factories, meat packing establishments etc.

Refrigeration Technician

A person who is skilled in servicing and repairing a refrigerator

Safety Engineer

A safety engineer estimates the safety of products and recommends measures to reduce or eliminate accidents.

Safety Inspector

This person examines equipment, machinery, clothing and working conditions to make sure they conform with standards established by the government.

Security Guard

This person is usually privately employed. A security guard wears a uniform and acts to protect property and/or people. He/she watches for signs of crime and reports to their client or employer

Sheet Metal worker

A person who makes and installs many systems including air conditioning duct systems, outdoor signs and other products made from metal sheets.

Shoe Maker/Repairer

A person who makes or repairs shoes and boots as an occupation

Small Engine Mechanic

A small engine mechanic repairs and services small engines including motorcycles, boats and lawn mowers, garden tractors and chain-saws.

Software Technician

He or she is responsible for keeping users? computers running and up-to-date.

Sous Chef

The chef who is second to the head chef in a restaurant or kitchen

Structural Steel Worker

This person assembles equipment that joins iron or steel girders to form structures such as a prefabricated metal building.

Studio Technician

This person operates equipment and directs people in the studio during newscasts


A person who makes, repairs and alters garments such as suits, coats and dresses.

Taxi Driver

A person who drives a motorcar that transports people for a fare


A person who knows the art of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of dead Taxidermist animals for exhibition in a lifelike state

Teacher, Industrial Arts

This person teaches the manual and technical skills that are required in industry such as using machines to make objects in wood or metal, small engine repair and auto-maintenance.

Teacher, Vocational/Agricultural

This person teaches basic education, self-improvement and occupational subjects (e.g. welding, cosmetology, and agriculture) at secondary school level.

Technical Illustrator

This person creates three dimensional images, sketches and moving illustrations for animated productions, TV commercials, movies etc.


A person who is skilled in laying ceramic, clay or other types of tiles on the outside or inside of a building

Tool Designer

A tool designer creates tools that are used in the manufacturing processes.

Tool-and-Die maker

A master machinist who is skilled at making and repairing special tools, dies and other machines.

Truck Driver

A person who drives a vehicle that is made to carry heavy loads.

TV/Computer Technician

A person who is trained to adjust or repair a TV or computer.


A person who upholsters furniture as an occupation

Water treatment plant operator

Someone who maintains and repairs the equipment that is used to clean and distribute water

Wood carver

A person who carves objects from wood