Is your child about to enter Grade 7 or 8/form 1 or 2?  Do you want to give them an extra boost of confidence and ensure that they are ready? Well, after this CHOICES REACH OUT ZOOM SESSION they will be mentally ready and fully prepared for the next level of educational success.

This session will help your child to:

  • Know more about online learning platforms - how to use them and be safe
  • Develop essential listening skills - especially important in virtual learning
  • Know more about their own personal learning style
  • Learn coping skills to help them to stay calm and focused in any circumstance
  • Learn the CHOICES 5-step plan for school success
  • As a parent you will get tips on how to support your child on their important education and career journey

Fifteen-minute sessions will encourage them to develop good academic habits, set their goals, manage their time wisely and understand how to be successful in their school environment.Whether learning is in a virtual space or a real classroom your child will be on the road to their success. CHOOSE AN OPTION BELOW:

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CHOICES career awareness, training and customised professional development workshops are created especially for secondary and tertiary students as well as guidance counsellors, teachers and parents.

Workshops can be actual or virtual depending your needs and location.

Presenters are trained in the use of Zoom classrooms and training facilities which include break-out rooms, white boards, screen sharing and which are equipped for full participation by all attendees.

We also have Toastmaster's speaker training to bring information to life in an interesting and inspiring way.

Materials and presentations are created with the specific audience in mind and enlivened with videos and animations.

All materials required for workshops are provided and are accessible in print or downloadable format.

Our annual calendar for workshops, talks, training and presentations fills up very swiftly as many slots are booked one year in advance.

A wide variety of workshops are available including those customizable for your needs.  These include:


Workshops under this heading are available for secondary-level and tertiary-level students helping them to choose and plan their career path. In some workshops The Career Key test is done.

Customised workshops, presentations and talks are available for those at the primary level


We offer training workshops for school personnel which equip them with techniques in improving and empowering the lives of students during their school life.




Our Leadership Training Workshops provide students with the skills to motivate and empower their fellow peers into positive attitudes and actions that will benefit others. Molding young minds into responsible, effective and dynamic people capable of lasting change is foundation of our initiative.


Parents can positively impact the life chances of their child or children and help to ensure a path to life success, if they know how. Our workshops and webinars will help parents to understand their role in their child’s life success and how they can help in ensuring that their child gets onto the right path early in life.