Artistic people are viewed as “Creators”. These intuitive, sensitive, articulate, expressive, unstructured, original, nonconforming, and innovative persons value inspiration and imagination and also are open-minded to different perspectives and  points of view. Working with abstract information, concepts and ideas, gives them the platform to produce work of literary, verbal and visual excellence.

Careers suited to the Artistic Personality


A person who performs in the theatre or in movies


A person who designs and supervises the construction of buildings or other large structures

Art Teacher

This person teaches children how to draw, use paint water colour or oil, do sculpture


A person who sketches or draws a humorous situation accompanied by a caption and places it in a newspaper or magazine.

Choral Director

A person who directs a choir

Clothes designer

Is a creative person who designs clothes usually for other people to wear. The designs may be used by fashion houses or made into clothes by the designer.


A professional entertainer who tells jokes, impersonates people or performs other comic acts.


A person who writes music in a form that others can perform it.


A person who conducts or leads an orchestra


A person who judges the merits of literary or artistic works especially one who does so professionally.

Cultural Officer

A person who coordinates the activities of the cultural section of an Embassy.

Dance Instructor

A person who teaches dancing ? ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop etc.


A person who works in the performing arts and takes part in musical productions in folk, tap, jazz and other forms of dance.


A disc jockey selects and plays pre-recorded music for an audience

Drama Teacher

A person who teaches acting.

Editor Book, Magazine or Newspaper

A person who is in charge of a newspaper, magazine, or multi-author book

Editorial Writer

One who gives an opinion on a topical issue in a newspaper

Fashion Artist

This person draws fashionable styles and understands how to use colour, design and composition in fashion

Film Editor

This person connects one or more shots together in a sequence to make a movie.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers develop the overall layout and production design of magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports, and other publications


An illustrator is a graphic artist who specializes in providing drawings that correspond to the text. Many illustrators work in advertising, newspapers and magazines.

Industrial Designer

Interior Decorator

A person who plans and decorates the layout of a private home, a public building or an institution.

Interior Designer

A person who designs and decorates a client?s residence, or commercial or industrial space

Jewellery Maker

This person uses precious metals like gold and silver and gems to make objects like necklaces and bracelets that are worn as adornment.

Landscape Architect

Works on all types of external space, enclosed or unenclosed, which is open to the public to make it more attractive.


A person who serves as a subject for an artist or photographer.

Movie director

This person supervises and instructs the actors in a motion picture.

Music director

The conductor or leader of a symphony orchestra or chorus.

Music teacher

A person who teaches people how to play a musical instrument


A painter applies paint, stain, varnish, and other finishes to buildings and other structures. They choose the right paint or finish for the surface depending on the customers? wishes.


A person who takes photographs especially as a profession.


A person who writes dramas to be performed by actors.

Radio and Television Announcer

This person provides information and entertainment by speaking to people from a radio or television broadcasting station.

Screen writer

A person who writes the screenplays from which movies or television programmes are made.

Screen writer

A creative writer who writes dramas for movies.

Set Designer

A set designer, sometimes called production gners, particularly in the film and television industry) create the overall visual style of a production for theatre, television or film. A set designer works closely with the director and production team.


A person who sings, especially a trained or professional vocalist

Song writer

A person who writes popular songs as an occupation. Or someone who writes the lyrics or the melody of a song.

Stage Manager

A stage manager supervises the stage and actors in a theatrical or movie production.

Technical Illustrator

This person creates three-dimensional images, sketches moving illustrations for animated productions, exhibit designs and so on.

Textile designer

A textile designer produces ideas and designs for printed, woven or knitted textiles.


A person who writes books or articles as a regular occupation.