Subject choice day for the grade 9 students of Wolmer’s High School for Girls in Kingston, Jamaica, was eagerly anticipated by them. The regular timetable of classes was abandoned and replaced instead by a day of information sessions, workshops and presentations as they reflected and contemplated on how to begin to position themselves for success in their future education, career and life.

Above and below – Students of Wolmers’ High School for Girls have fun while doing The Career Key Test and having one-on-one sessions with presenter, Angela deFreitas

The over 200 students were informed through presentations by their peers in higher grades, their teachers, parents and persons in the working world, all with the objective of assisting them in making the right choices.

The task of the day was put into context with a workshop by CHOICES Career & Education Advice during which students did the Career Key Test to help them in knowing their personality – realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising or conventional – and in which they also received a CHOICES Magazine themed “Your CXC’s” to help them in matching subjects with careers and to learn more about tertiary institutions and the programmes offered there.
The group had the opportunity of broadening their horizons and learning more about careers they had never thought of.  Questions such as “what does a book keeper do?”, “What if I am artistic and love singing but I want to be a lawyer?”, ”How can I make sure that I get a scholarship?” “Do I have to go to university if I don’t want to?” were eagerly posed by students and answered in the workshop.

“According to Mrs. Angela deFreitas, workshop presenter and General Manager of CHOICES Career & Education Advice, “Grade 9/3rd form is an important juncture in a child’s educational life and choosing subjects is one of the most important decisions they will be called upon to make at such a young age, a decision which affects their way forward in life.  It’s commendable that the parents were also included in the day’s activities as it is their essential role to assist, guide and support their child.  This is an important milestone at which consultation, understanding and sometimes compromise must take place. Students and their parents must be on the same page even if parents and children differ on the final outcome”.

The CHOICES workshop included animated presentations on “Career Paths”, “Who am I and What Should I be Doing?”, “The Importance of Skills”, “Goal Setting” and “Choosing Subjects”.


    • Angela Defreitas says:

      I am sure we can help you.
      Do you know your Holland personality type – whether this is realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising or social? When you know your personality type, you understand more about yourself and can then determine what would be good careers for you.
      Realistic people are doers who like to do things with their hands, tools, equipment or machines. Investigative peoples who like to solve problems, work things out alone and like things like math and science.
      Artistic people or creators who like to do things in a new and different way.
      Social people are helpers who like to give information and advice and assist people with their social problems.
      Enterprising people are persuaders who are leaders and like to convince people, sell products and ideas.
      Conventional people are organizers who like to do things in a very orderly and structured way and who follow instructions very carefully.
      You also need to think about the following – What are you:
      * interested in?
      * good at?
      * passionate about?
      Do you have any natural skills which could lead you to an obvious career? What do you like doing?
      What is your age and level of education? Do you have any educational qualifications yet? What subjects do you love and are good at?

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