These persons are more interested in the well being of their fellow man and are usually, generous, cooperative, patient, caring, helpful, empathetic, tactful, and friendly. Their actions teaching, socializing and they focus on educational, interpersonal, humanitarian and service oriented endeavors.

Careers suited to the Social Personality

Athletic Trainer

A person who trains people who take part in competitive sports. He/she helps with the athletes professional development helps them to prevent athletic injuries and can treat athletic injuries.

Career Counsellor

This person helps and enables people in their career development especially those people who are making career decisions and choices

Clergy or Religious Worker

A group of people in a particular religion who are ordained for religious service. These persons work not only in the church but also in hospitals, nursing homes, missions etc.

Clinical Psychologist

This person is trained to assess the mental health problems that a person may be having and suggest treatment for the condition.


A person who trains athletes in sports such as tennis, cricket, football.

Counselling psychologist

This person helps persons resolve problems related to work, school or family matters.


A person who works with people, listens to their problems and gives them advice and guidance to help them think clearly


A cricketer is the term used to describe a person who plays cricket as a professional cricketer (rather than as an amateur player)

Dean of Students

An officer of a high school or college who counsels and encourages students and supervises the enforcement of rules.

Dental hygienist

This person specializes in keeping teeth clean and free from cavities. Many dental hygienists work with a dentist.

Director, Museum or Zoo

A person who controls and manages a museum (a place or buildings in which works of artistic, historical and scientific value are cared for and exhibited) or a zoo (a place where living animals are kept and exhibited to the public)

Emergency Medical Technician

A person who is trained to give medical assistance to a person who is critically ill or injured.


A person who plays the game of football professionally.

Geriatric Aide/Assistant

A person who provides nursing care to an aged person under the supervision of a nurse.

Gym Instructor

This person instructs others in proper body-building exercises performed with special apparatus in a gymnasium.

Head coach

The chief person who teaches or trains athletes or athletic teams

Home Economist

Someone who teaches the art and science of home management, including budgeting, purchasing of food, child care, cooking etc.

Hospital Orderly

A male attendant who assists the nurses and doctors in a hospital.


Librarians assist people in finding information and using it effectively for personal and professional purposes


A woman who assists a woman in childbirth and the woman and baby directly after the birth of the child.

Music Librarian

Music librarians usually work with orchestras and for radio stations. These librarians have a love of music.


A person who is trained to look after the sick or disabled under the supervision of a doctor.

Nurse Aid

A person who assists or is a help to a nurse.

Nursery School Teacher

A person who teaches children who are not old enough to attend kindergarten

Nursing Instructor

A person who teaches students who desire to become nurses.

Occupational Therapist

A person who gives treatment in which the principal element is some form of productive or creative activity.

Parole Officer

An officer who supervises the reintegration of a prisoner who is released into the society before his prison time is over.

Physical Therapist

This person treats disease and injury by means of exercise, heat, light and massage.

Physician?s Assistant

A person who assists a medical doctor.

Practical nurse

A professional nurse who is not a graduate of a nursing school.

Practical Nurse

A woman who is employed to take care of a person especially an invalid.

Professional Athlete

A person who is paid for his/her athletic performance (unlike an amateur or college athlete who is not paid.)

Registered Nurse

A graduate trained nurse who has passed a state registration examination.

School Counsellor

This person provides counselling and guidance to students within the school setting.

School Media Specialist

This person plans, directs, implements and evaluates the school library programme.

School Psychologist

A person who helps children succeed academically, emotionally and socially

Social Worker, Psychiatric

This person helps people by providing therapy and counselling

Social Worker, School

This person helps students to deal with emotional and behavioral problems and those with learning disabilities.

Special Education Teacher

This teacher works with children and young people who have a variety of mild to moderate disabilities.

Sports Instructor

Sports instructors teach the basics of a particular sport (e.g. swimming, football) to beginners and recreational athletes, or help experienced athletes develop their skills.

Teacher ? College, Elementary, High School and Technology

A teacher helps students to learn and apply concepts in subjects such as Mathematics, Science and English.

Teacher, Handicapped students

A person who is specially trained to teach students who are physically or emotionally disabled.

Teacher, Kindergarten

A person who teaches children that are 4 ? 6 years old.

Therapist ? Recreational, Music

A person who assists people who are sick or hurt to get active again. He/she uses sports, games, pleasant activity, art and craft and music to help the patient.


An umpire is someone appointed to rule on plays in various sports e.g. in cricket and in baseball.

Vocational-Rehabilitation Counsellor

This person assists people with physical disabilities to reviewtheir employment, medical and vocational related information and identify approved job goals.