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  • The Career Key –– is a psychometric test which helps to guide users onto career paths to which they are most suited. This measure is used by a variety of groups – including secondary, high schools and college students as well as adults – in career counselling and career guidance programmes and workshops. –
  • Plan For Your Success – Practical steps to organising school work and planning for success for students of all ages. The CHOICES 5-step plan to success is outlined in this publication followed by short practical exercises.the all-important Foundation Skills are also introduced within its pages.
  • Guide To High School Success – Your High school Journey Grade by grade; The Secret to Good grades; Managing Anger – in School& Out; Right & Wrong School Quiz
  • Your CxC’s – Match Subjects with Possible Career Options; Learn How to Choose Subjects.
  • Guide  To Life Success – Sample Resume & Cover Letter; Sharpen Your Interview Skills; Creating A Career  Portfolio. –
  • The Parent Guide – Parents have an important role in their child’s education, career and ultimately their life success.  “Help Your Child With Career Choice” helps parents to understand the effect of their behaviours on their child’s progress.
  • “Helping Students with Career Choices – A Guide For Teachers”

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