Use Time Wisely - Get Organised & Beat Stress

The new school season has already kicked in. If you are a new student, you are probably looking to get settled in a fresh environment, and if you are a returning student, you should be gearing up for another year of hard work—especially those of you who are who are entering fourth, fifth and sixth form, and are traveling along the CXC and CAPE highway.

General Exam Stress-Busting Tips

How to get through your exams without turning into a miserable monster

You may consider your exams to be the most important thing in your life right now so preparing properly for this serious event is essential.  However, don’t let exams get the better of you.  Below are some  general tips for the revision period and also for the exam itself


You’ve paid your fees, bought your books and now you’re broke. How’re you going to manage on a day-to-day basis while you’re studying? Once settled on campus, waste no time, get to searching for viable income earning options before you’re too late. There are many out there, you just have to be persistent and a little creative.
Here are a few suggestions:



Making a decision about your career path is arguably the most important you will have to make at this stage in your life.
In a world where careers, and by extension jobs, are no longer forever, it is a given that this type of critically important decision is one that any person today may have to face more than once in their lifetime. As such, the importance of understanding how to make a good career choice cannot be overemphasised.


A Crash Course For Students

Here we are the on the day of our university graduation, waiting in a long line of traffic just to get to the venue that would host the most wonderful night of our lives for the four of us. As the traffic became unbearable we could not help but to drift back to our days at university.

How did we survive? No one knew. From taking up odd jobs on and off campus, to using our wits just to get by, we had done it all. So much so, that one of my friends in the vehicle turned to me and said, “Laura, if I had to eat another corn beef or tuna sandwich again in my life I would be sick…No more tin food, I had enough at UWI