Enterprising people are  ambitious, assertive, extroverted, energetic, enthusiastic, confident and love the art of negotiation and persuasion. They prefer work which involves, public speaking, debating, business, politics and leadership and it is reflected in the professional avenues that match this personality type.

Careers suited to the Enterprising Personality


A person who keeps, audits and inspects the financial records of individuals or business places and prepares financial and tax returns.


This person is trained to evaluate, estimate the quality, amount, size and other features of real estate and other property.


Someone who examines records or accounts to check their accuracy

Business Manager, College or University

The business manager of a school or college deals with the financial affairs of the institution as well as the needs of members of staff. He/she also monitors the utilities, equipment and resources of the institution.

Credit Analyst

A credit analyst examines the financial history of a person or a company to see whether the person or the company would live up to their obligations.


The administrative director of a museum, library or other similar institution.

Customs Broker

A person who acts as an agent for an importer in negotiating contracts, purchases or sales in return for a fee or commission. The person must have a good understanding of trade requirements.

Director, School of Nursing

A person who is responsible for the development, organization and management of an institution where nursing is taught.

Editor, Managing, Newspaper

This person supervises the policies or production of a newspaper, co-ordinates the work of the editorial department, inspects final makeup of editions and may write leading or policy editorials.

Financial Controller

This person is responsible for managing the accounting department. He/she assists the Financial Director to product management accounts, budgets etc.

Hospital Administrator

This person manages a hospital and makes sure the hospital operates efficiently and provides adequate medical care to patients.

Hotel/Front Office

The Front Office manager is responsible for staffing and training the Front Desk employees and fordeveloping Guest Services


This person schedules housekeepers to clean rooms and public areas; inspects rooms; communicates with other managers; orders supplies and maintains inventory to see that there is no waste or theft.

Loan Officer

There are three kinds of loan officers ?Commercial loan officers work with businesses ?Mortgage loan officers work with people who want to buy houses or land or get a new real estate loan ?Consumer loan officers work with people who wish to get a loan to buy a car

Manager Department Store

Department stores sell an extensive selection of merchandise. Department store managers direct the activities in these stores and supervise department managers.

Manager, Branch

A branch manager of a financial institution manages all the functions of the branch office including hiring personnel, attracting business, assisting customers and approving loans.

Manager, Industrial

An industrial manager plans and controls a schedule for production. He may also focus on a particular section of the production chain e.g. buying and maintaining equipment for production.

Manager, Office

An office manager is responsible for the day-to-day business of a company. He/she ensures that all the people in the company work to the best of their ability.

Manager, Personnel

A personnel manager is involved in selecting the kind of people who will work well in an organization. He/she also promotes practices that make sure the employees are managed well.

Manager, Sales

Sales managers travel to the offices of various dealers and distributors

Market Research Analyst

This person studies how a product or service has sold in the past and uses the information to predict how it will do in future. With this information the analyst can decide how to promote, distribute and price products and services.

President, Bank

The chief officer of a bank.

President, College

A person (usually a man) who is in charge of a tertiary institution and works with a governing board to ensure the growth, development and stability of the college

Public Health Educator

Someone who informs the public about matters that can affect the health of the community e.g. diseases that can be easily transmitted.

Purchasing Manager

A purchasing manager buys the goods and services that a company needs to resell to customers or for the company?s own use.

School Principal

The person who is in charge of an institution where children are taught

Securities Sales Agent

A person who has money to invest in stocks, bonds, shares in mutual funds and other financial products usually uses a securities sales agent. They also ask the agents for advice on investments, insurance and other financial matters.

Securities Trader

A securities trader holds securities bought for his own account and not for resale to other people.


A person who act as an agent in the buying and selling of stocks or other securities


A person who is in charge of funds or revenues; especially a financial officer for a government, corporation or society.


An insurance agent who assesses the risk of enrolling an applicant for coverage or a policy.