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The Career Key (Caribbean edition) psychometric test is available as a pen and paper edition and also as an online version.  This test helps to guide users onto the career path to which they are most suited. The measure is used by persons across all age groups, including secondary, high school and college students as well as graduates and adults. It is also used in career counselling, career guidance programmes and workshops and by persons considering career change.

Developed by Dr Lawrence Jones, this assessment is based on the RIASEC career theory of Dr John Holland which describes six personality types which match six work environments.  RIASEC are the initial letters of the six personality types  and work environments. They are described below:

REALISTIC - people who like to do things with their hands, tools, equipment and machines

INVESTIGATIVE - people who are thinkers, like to study and solves tough problems such as math and science

ARTISTIC - people who are creators and like activities such as art, crafts, drama, music or writing

 SOCIAL - people who like to do things to help other people such as teaching, nursing, providing information or helping with social problems

 ENTERPRISING - people who are persuaders and who like to lead and sell things or ideas

 CONVENTIONAL - people who are organisers and like to do things in a very orderly way working with numbers, books, records or machines

Finding out which personality type is most like you will help you to determine what careers would be best for you.

"It was so easy and it helped me to find out what I need to do. I’m very glad that I did it.

-  A 9th grade/3rd form student 

“The students enjoyed using it and it is used in a very structured way. When the students have done it, the parent is invited in with the student to discuss the result”

– Guidance Counsellor

The Career Key has been highly recommended by various groups including the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and America's National Career Development Association (NCDA) for its accuracy, its efficiency and its content which is based on the career theory most used by school guidance and career counsellors.  For over 10 years The Career Key (Caribbean Edition) has also been used widely in a variety of schools in many Caribbean countries.


The Career Key (Caribbean edition)  has been tailored to meet the needs of the Caribbean environment.  It is recommended for use by people of all ages and stages and especially those who are trying to choose a career path, those transitioning from year to year, selecting tertiary education and those in the process of career change.